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no display, what is wrong with my configuration for lvds

Question asked by wz ca on Mar 2, 2016


my question is I use wandboard solo board to light my lcd panel, LP101WH4-SLAA, parameters are 1366x768, 60Hz,74Mhz, i modify the dts file to get ldb driver installed when boot, and set the bootargs parameter, but very unlucky, no display on screen, any expert can check my configuration file below to tell me what error in them, thanks.


2 attachements,

  • g.txt is my dts file, i convert the dtb to it, it is entire dts file so no need to put all dts,dtsi file again,what error in it?
  • wandboard.h: i set bootargs parameter in it, what error in it?

i need set ldb=sin0 in bootargs or more lvds parameters in dts?

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