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Use CW 10.6 to debug SPC5668E

Discussion created by Jonas A on Mar 1, 2016
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I'm looking for a good alternative to debug the PowerPC microcontroller SPC5668E. One alternative would be to use CW 10.6 together with P&E Micro's debug probe (U-MULTILINK or U-MULTILINK-FX).


Does anyone have experience with this setup?

I would also like to know if an 14-Pin Berg to 38-Pin Mictor Adaptor (like  ) is included if I buy U-MULTILINK or U-MULTILINK-FX? I have a 38-pin mictor on the PCB.

What debug features are included in CW 10.6?

Can I set a breakpoint while the programming is running?

Can I get live update on variables?


Can I change variables etc.?

Write to HW registers?

Is trace included?

Can I program the device with CW 10.6?


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