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Add a new UART in iMX6 SoloX platform

Question asked by Wei Gao on Mar 1, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2016 by Rita Wang

Hi All,


    I am suffering a problem, how to add a new UART in iMX6 solox platform?

    I have looked thought some of relevant papers, such as “BSP porting guide”, “Linux user guide”, “datasheet of iMX6” etc.. I saw that there are two default UARTs, which are used for debugging A9 and M4 cortex in the demo Yocto project in default. I am still confusing how to set a new UART (such as UART3/4/5) in the demo board. To be fair, the new UART will be used to connect an extra sensor (Ultrasonic sensor), which is RS-232 communication protocol between the iMX6’s board and it.

    Could anyone can tell me how to do that? Many thanks.