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Debugger with watch dog enabled

Question asked by rahul krishna on Mar 1, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2016 by rahul krishna

I have some questions please help

1. Can I work with debugger with watch dog enabled. Currently when working with debugger i am disabling the watch dog timer. But right now i am facing one critical issue where the watch dog reset is happening in production. I want to simulate the same using debugger. any settings i need to make.

2. I found that an unknown message is happening along with two standard identifiers immediately  which are not expected and the system reset happens. Is there any possibility that a reset happens if CAN message ids get corrupted. I am using CAN driver interrupts handled by xgate and processed by s12x. Any possibility because of semaphore and etc. please advice.

3. Are there any other kinds of reset apart from watch dog like illegal instruction etc.

Micro i am using is S12X EQ.