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MCUs with high speed UARTs at 1/2/5 Mbps?

Question asked by Paul Schoenke on Mar 1, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2016 by Hui_Ma


I am working on a new project, and I’m looking migrate to CAN networking for our internal platform communication from I2C. I expect that this will allow for more robust communications between circuit boards in our system as we can have some longer cables and have had some difficulty with I2C in the past.

I’ve seen in the CAN portfolio of transceivers from NXP that there are some high speed devices that can communicate at 1/2/5 Mbps rates!  We’re using Kinetis MCUs right now, but I don’t think that the UARTs on these MCUs can work at those speeds.  What MCUs or processors are typically used that would allow communication at these high speeds?

Any feedback or input is welcomed and appreciated.

Thanks again!