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Kinetis K boot loader code optimization/minimization

Question asked by Paul Schoenke on Mar 1, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2016 by Mark Butcher


For a new project, I’m looking to use the Kinetis MK02FN64VLF10.  If we need more memory or a smaller footprint for the project we will be going to the MK22FN128VMP10.

I will not be doing the firmware for this project, however I've been tasked with getting the boot loader code needed for this micro.

Are there any code snippets and associated application notes / descriptions for protecting the flash memory that contains the boot loader?

Also, since we plan on using UART1 for programming, we would like to know what code can be removed from the boot loader code that's not being used, such as the code for programming with the IC2, and SPI bus. The amount of flash memory is limited on this device and we’re trying to optimize the code density with the flash size.

Any feedback or input is welcomed and appreciated.

Thanks again!