Sebastian Lenz

MK22F51212: Bootloader using LPUART

Discussion created by Sebastian Lenz on Mar 1, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2016 by Mark Butcher

Hi guys,


just read the "Kinetis Bootloader v1.2.0 Reference Manual" and was exploring the corresponding software package.

Now I want to implement a bootloader on my device but I have several questions:


- As my application uses LPUART for communication, I want to use the LPUART for bootloader communication too. In the sources I only found that the SCUARTs are used. Are there already sources, where the LPUART was implemented?


- I want to have a flash-resident bootloader. For that I have to allocate some memory for the bootloader exclusively. I guess thats already done within the linker file of the bootloader project. Can I just copy that linker file to my application and everything's fine?


Thanks for your help in advance!