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Why ioctl asrc convert call is loading the main thread?

Question asked by phani kumar on Feb 29, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2016 by Yifang Guo

Hi all,


I am using hardware asrc on imx6 ul free scale board by using linux ioctl driver calls. There are two threads in my application in which one is main thread and other one is asrc thread. In the asrc thread, I am calling ioctl asrc convert driver function. In general, once I have data I will call ioctl function, otherwise the asrc thread will go into conditional wait. The code inside the ioctl function is supposed to be light weight so that the main thread can carry other tasks while hardware asrc is converting the data. But, I see there is a serious loading happens and my main thread is running slowly. When the ioctl call in the asrc thread is switched off, the main thread runs at a faster rate which is what needed even in the presence of ioctl call. Could anyone please help to understand this behavior of ioctl call...Thanks