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Why TDR register of RTC is removed from MK61f15.h in rev 1.11?

Question asked by virendra patel on Feb 29, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2016 by virendra patel

Hi NXP/Freescale,

We have our application running on Kinetis K61 based custom board which using RTXC OS.

We are now migrating to MQX OS and the porting activities is ongoing.

Our earlier project has included header file  MK61F15.h of version 1.10, but when we are using MQX, it is included MK61F15.h of version 1.1. When we compared version 1.10 and version 1.11 there are some changes found.

The TDR register of RTC is removed from version 1.11.

We want to know why this register is removed from header in version 1.1? As our application is using RTC module we would like to know if there is any issue with RTC in K61?