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Vybrid VDEC questions for NTSC camera input

Question asked by roshni shah on Feb 29, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2016 by Rene Kolarik

I am using the SVF5xxR with an NTSC camera (Camera output - NTSC signal with 3.58Mz color subcarrier) and have the following questions regarding the Video Decoder Module Signal Detection:


1. It is not clear in the Vybrid Reference manual, if Vybrid Video Decoder supports regular NTSC (with 3.579545 MHz color sub-carrier)? There are only references of F443 - NTSC with 4.34Mhz Chroma Subcarrier in the Reference Manual. 


2. What should be the value of VDEC_VIDMOD if auto-detection is used and the camera output's a regular NTSC signal (with 3.579545 MHz color sub-carrier)?


3. If I want to force the signal to be NTSC instead of using the auto-detection mechanism in the Video Decoder, what should be the value of MANOVR?


4. In the below snippet from the Vybrid Reference manual, its not clear why Four43_manual bit is set in the VDEC_MANOVR register for manual PAL selection. Can you please explain the same?


PAL Reference Snippet:


61.6.26 Manual Override (VDEC_MANOVR)


Pink cast over images in PAL mode can be got rid of by writing

a value of 0xFD in this register. Upper nibble 0xF overrides

auto detect of PAL and SECAM, while lower nibble 0xD

selects PAL manually


5. The VDEC_NOISE register is 0xFF on our setup when using and NTSC camera. Are there any register settings / best practices that need to deployed to reduce the VDEC_NOISE?


Any information regarding how to use an NTSC camera with the Vybrid Video Decoder module will be greatly appreciated.