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How do you reference the MK64F12.h in SDK 3.0?

Question asked by Neil Porven on Feb 29, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2016 by Neil Porven

I noticed that with the new SDK 3.0, when you start a new project  it now says Kinetis SDK2.X Project.  I was

expecting Kinetis SDK3.X Project?  I also noticed that the proceeding windows have changed.


Anyways, if I create a new folder and name it include, then import all my .h files and then import all my .c files

into the existing source file and compile, it seems that it doesn't know where the MK64F12.h file is?


In my path settings, I have :




which I imagine that the linker would look in to find it, but apparently that is not the case?  So, how/where can I

direct the linker to go find this file?


thank you,

Neil Porven