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MPC5748 atomic decrement implementation

Question asked by Janos Bai on Feb 29, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2016 by Lukas Zadrapa

Dear Support,


We tried to implement an atomic decrement like this:

R3 address (16bit aligned)

R4 temp register

lharx   r4, 0, r3 ; Load byte and reserve address
e_subi  r4, r4, 0x1 ; Decrement r4 by one
sthcx.  r4, 0, r3 ; Try to store r4 to reserved half-word address
e_bne-  Os_Platform_AtomicDecrementUint16 ; Loop if reservation has been lost (store has failed)
se_blr                                      ; Return


If two concurrent cores executing this function (Os_Platform_AtomicDecrementUint16) at the same time, we expected that this is atomic operation but it’s not.


So cores separately can reserve the address but cannot detect each other’s store.


For example:


/* Initial value */

atomicValue = 2;


/* Concurrent execution */

Core0: Os_Platform_AtomicDecrementUint16(&atomicValue)

Core1: Os_Platform_AtomicDecrementUint16(&atomicValue)


/*Result */

atomicValue is 1, not 0, as expected.



So basically we thought that this is a limitation due to the lack of compare on physical addresses:

User Manual PowerISA 2.06 Compatibility


Thanks in advance.



Janos Bai

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