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FTM counter synchronization

Question asked by Frank Schuetz on Feb 29, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2016 by Kerry Zhou


I have an additional question to FTM. I want to use the FTM synchronization (via hardware trigger 2) mode to update the FTM counter value to CNTIN register value on synchronization event. I have set up a FTM3 channel 2 to generate a signal (test signal 1KHz, square wave, 50% duty cycle). There is an input signal that is connected to the pin FTM3_FLT0 (FTM3 hardware trigger 2). This input signal should influence the FTM counter value that the output signal is also influenced and will get another duty cycle.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work! The test input signal is has 1500Hz, 50% duty cycle and square wave.

Is something not complete for the FTM3 setup or is my imagination wrong?


For pin FTM3_FLT0, I have setup the PTC12 and PTD12 with ALT6. The input signal was connected to TWR-K65F180 on extension plug (C43, B77 and B48). But nothing happens.

Here are 2 screenshots that shows the FTM3 configuration:




Thanks in advance!