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Mouse + keyboard + generic HID USB composite device issue

Question asked by László Monda on Feb 28, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2016 by László Monda

Hi guys,


I'm developing a mouse + keyboard + generic HID composite USB application on an FRDM-K22F dev board.


The mouse and keyboard interfaces work well. The mouse pointer moves downwards upon pressing the SW2 button and the keyboard sends the scancode of "a" upon pressing the SW3 button.


Unfortunately, the generic HID interface doesn't seem to work. It enumerates properly but doesn't function. It should echo the send package just like the generic HID KSDK demo. It should also enable the red / green / blue LED when the first character of the sent package is "r" / "g" / "b".


I've written a test script to check whether the generic HID interface works as intended. My script works perfectly with the official generic HID KSDK demo but the transfer stalls when sending a package to this composite device.


I've just added the generic HID interface to my application in my most recent commit and tried hard to make everything right, but I surely made some mistake.


I'd appreciate any help. Thank you very much in advance!

- Laci