Creating very short pulses

Discussion created by therealfreegeek on Feb 28, 2016
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I need to create a pulse train at s low frequency, say 5 to 50HZ, but the pulses need to be as short as possible, one FTM clock pulse would be ideal, or a few if necessary.


Running the FTM at 60MHz will give an ideal single clock cycle of 16.6666nS.


I will use a PIT to initiate the creation of the pulses but I am not sure of the best way to create the pulses from the FTM without external logic.


I would like to use the FTM output compare to set and then clear an output just one count apart, it would be great if somehow you could use two output compare channels to act on a single pin to achieve this, is it possible?


Can anyone suggest a solution?



I will be using the FRDM-K64 running at max seed.