Jas Math

i.mx6sx - Rendering Camera Output

Discussion created by Jas Math on Feb 28, 2016


Here is a blog post describing VADC and PXP support on the i.mx6sx. We provide a sample application that renders the VADC output to screen as a way to test the camera is functioning correctly. Furthermore the sample application demonstrates horizontal and vertically capabilities of the PXP engine.


The above video demonstrates how we can blend graphics on top of the camera output. Target device was a UDOO NEO. The amount of alpha blending is determined by the tilt angle of the gyro (the graphics fade away or become fully visible). Furthermore depending on the direction of the tilt, the camera output is flipped horizontally or vertically. The camera is actually a parking (reversing) camera and is highlighted by the red/yellow/green lines and the blinking 'STOP' text which form part of the camera output. Given the automotive theme the graphics overlay is a engine check sensor dash.