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MMA8451Q, Orientation and Double Tap events hang.

Question asked by Ramesh Ramachandran on Feb 26, 2016
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I am using the MMA8451Q for a project, and I am using just one interrupt pins (INT1). Using CTRL_REG4 and CTRL_REG5, I configured the interrupts from both orientation detection and double pulse events to the same interrupt pin. But for some reason, the accelerometer stops responding after reading a few double tap interrupts.


Is this because, the accelerometer detects a change in orientation at the same time a double pulse event occurs and they both give interrupt events at the same time? If so, how do I fix this? Can I set priority interrupts?


Right now, I am having this issue only when I assign:
CTRL_REG4 = $18

CTRL_REG5 = $18


If I change them both to either $10 or $08, they work fine with no issues. But when both orientation detection and double pulse detection are turned ON, the accelerometer stops responding suddenly.


Can anyone help me out with this issue?


Thank you.