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P2041 : RGMII Configuration in device tree

Question asked by madhur wani on Feb 28, 2016

We are using custom P2041 based board & using two VSC8572 chips. One of them is configured in SGMII mode & Other in RGMII mode. With 'mii' command in u-boot we wrote few initialization commands to both PHY chips & got them working.

The PHY Addresses are as follos:

DTSEC1 : PHY address 0x00     : SGMII (Chip 1 - Port 1)

DTSEC2 : PHY address 0x01     : SGMII (Chip 1 - Port 2)

DTSEC4 : PHY address 0x04     : RGMII (Chip 2 - Port 1)

DTSEC5 : PHY address 0x05     : RGMII (Chip 2 - Port 2)


These DTSECs are working fine in u-boot.

When I modified Device Tree in Linux, I could enable & use both SGMII ports.

However RGMII ports are not working with the configurations I did in device tree.

Can you please check whether I am configuring DTS properly or not?

PFA for DTS file.

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