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MKW24D Best RF Performance

Question asked by Bimal Makwana on Feb 26, 2016
Latest reply on May 24, 2016 by Bimal Makwana


I have read earlier question regarding the RF performance of MKW24D, following are some conclusion and queries to address:

- FRDM_MKW24D design has low RF performance (Range,..etc..)

- TWR_MKW24D has better RF performance than FRDM design. Correct me if i am wrong!


I am in process to design MKW24D based Module, where the size of module is having constrains.So i was looking for USB_KWD24D design where PIFA antenna(small size) is used, But i don't have any RF performance related information for that, Can you let me know the Range, RF performance achieved through USB_MKW24D (PIFA antenna) design.


I am also looking for Chip antenna in my design, which are the recommended chip antenna for MKW24D?