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MKW24x MyWirelessAppEndDevice Memory Leak

Question asked by Andrew Fitzsimons on Feb 25, 2016
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I am beginning to think that there is a potential memory leak in the MyWirelessAppEndDevice demo for the MKW24x example application and potentially in the 802.15.4 v5.0.3 library.


I have been porting code from the BeeStack build to the KDS build.

I am developing on the twr-kw24D512.

I have MEM_TRACKING and MEM_DEBUG defined.

I have been hitting a panic() call on line 313 of MemManager.c.


I have the app continuously sending beacon requests (scan requests). In the app, instead of setting gState = stateAssociate, I set gState = statScanActiveStart.

This way, each time it finishes a scan, it starts a new one.


After less than 200 scans, the app will crash at MemManager.c::313::panic().


Please help. I can provide anyone with a dump of the memTrack[] structure if needed.




Andrew Fitzsimons