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the MSD_CDC example cannot find SD_esdhc_kinetis.h and neither can I

Question asked by Joe D on Feb 26, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2016 by Kan_Li

<gently grumbles> this example is very unusable, what with the having to not copy it out of the examples folder (the copy-projects thing is forbidden because of the way the project is set up) and having to hack windows to accept the usb driver (I totally accept that NXP/Freescale shouldn't have to certify their demo device driver but it's still a hack to ask devs to reboot and mess around in boot settings) and now this file is missing. Oh and also I already had to figure out and pull in a bunch of other dependencies which are undocumented and in obscure places.


AND ALSO: I've filled in the 'ask this question' about 5 times now, and it keeps redirecting me to different parts of NXP/Freescale's sites asking me to log in and then subsequently loses the question ....


ANYWAY, if anyone has any idea where I can find this file (which is required when moving the dev_msd_cdc_bm_twrk60d100m project between RAM_DISK_APP and SD_CARD_APP modes that would be great.