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can't get license.dat from website

Question asked by Mark Zusman on Feb 25, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2016 by Pascal Irrle

I got USB dongle for license.dat, got through installation of driver and lmtools - everything is fine. My next step is supposed to be:  3. Click the Register Product tab. 4. Enter the Entitlement ID (or Registration Code) located on the Registration card, which you received when you purchased your CodeWarrior software product. 5. Follow the on-screen instructions to register your product, then click the link to the Suite Details Page. Select the desired product, and click Get License button for that product to download the USB dongle license  ... and this is where I'm stuck. I do see an appropriate list of products, but I have no idea how to get license.dat - what am I doing wrong?  Mark.