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Android5.1.1 on IMX6Q and IMX6DL debug console uart RX can't recevie data

Question asked by guang yang on Feb 25, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2016 by Biyong Sun

I use mfgtools downlode android5.1.1 to freecale official imx6q development board,debug console use uart1(ttymxc0) ,when I started the development board ,I found the development board uart1 tx is ok,but rx can't work normal.Details as follows, i use pc serial tools connect the development board ,start the development board,when it enter uboot,i enter pc keyboard  any buttons ,the uboot command line can recive the data,this can prove uart hardware is good,when the development board enter the android systerm,,i enter pc keyboard  any buttons,the linux kernel command line can't recive the data.I want use the kernel command line test something,but why the uart rx isn't ok?