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Problem with PDB Processor Expert not generating IRQ

Question asked by Terry Biberdorf on Feb 25, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2016 by Alice_Yang

I created what I think is a fairly simple sample project where I want to use Processor Expert to create a DAC output signal Generator.

As a first step I would like to see the PDB peripheral generate a pulse signal to verify that it's working.

I have KDS 3.0.0 installed.

and I created a Kinetis Processor Expert project (please see attachment for all steps that I followed)


I added the PDB Peripheral driver to my project and I believe I configured it to support an IRQ operation also using an external pin output, but when I run my code I do not see any activity.

I do not understand why its not working or what I could have set up wrong.


My sample project can be see on GITHUB: