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Importing i.MX6 designs made in Cadence (OrCAD / Allegro) into Altium.

Question asked by Naoum Gitnik on Feb 25, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2016 by Yuri Muhin

Dear NXP Support,

I am currently working on a design based on the i.MX6 processor (most likely Dual). Downloaded the SABRE_AI and SABRESDB / SABRESDP platform design files (as a good starting point for my design) and tried to import the SCH-s into the Altium tool, however, for all the designs, the OrCAD pages with TEXT ONLY were preventing conversion for some reason (although there was no problem to do that for some other OrCAD schematics, but without a lot of text). May you do me a favor and at least for one of the designs (e.g., SABRESDB) send me the DSN file without these text-only pages, please?

Another option might be saving the same design in the older (e.g. 16.2) OrCAD revision...


May you also, for the same SABRESDB design, convert its existing layout from the modern BRD to the older Allegro ALG format, please? Or PADS? – The Altium tool I am using can import these formats.


I do understand that the most likely reason for holding Cadence files only is that very popular Cadence, not Altium, is the official design tool of the i.MX6 support team; however, Altium is a popular tool, too, and I am sure the other customers will also benefit from your reply.


Sincerely yours, Naoum Gitnik.