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T2080 Hardcoded RCW inconsistencies

Question asked by benjaminlux on Feb 25, 2016
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Inconsistencies found on [1] : QorIQ T2080 Family Reference Manual, Rev. 1 05/2015.

Could you help clarify the correct values for cfg_rcw_src please ?



  1. pp197, 198 of [1], we can see that cfg_rcw_src[0]_[1:4]_[5:8] values for booting from Hard coded RCW should be 0_1001_1010, 0_1001_1100, or 0_1001_1110 i.e. 0x9a, 0x9c or 0x9e. Where aspp 216, the table 4-15 of clock frequencies for the hardcoded options present the following values for cfg_rcw_src[0]_[1:4]_[5:8] : 0_1000_1100, and 0_1000_1111 i.e. 0x8c and 0x8f. Shouldn’t these values be the same?
  2. The table 4-15, presents the same frequency values for the 2 values of the cfg_rcw_src value. Shouldn’t they be different? Would you be able to provide us with the frequency configurations that will actually be available ?
  3. On the top right corner of the table 4-16 pp. 216-217 values for hardcoded options are 0x86, 0x87. Again, this looks incompatible with the previously presented values.