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[Thread] How to fix the issue when I sent THCI command "NWKU_CoapSendRequest" which cause system crash?

Question asked by Randolf Hu on Feb 24, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2016 by Randolf Hu

Hi Sir:

I'm working on the development of Thread with version v1.0.0.

I have two Kw22s and both are REED.
When the network had been created, I sent THCI command "NWKU_CoapSendRequest" from leader to end device.

Once leader received the ack with payload, it crashed. I have to reboot to recover.


The attributes of NWKU_CoapSendRequest I used are shown as below

TCHI command: NWKU_CoapSendRequest

instanceID: 0x00

DestinationIpAddress: 0xFE80000000000000F8697F03DECD2010

RequestType: CON


URI-path: temp

PayloadLength: 0x00


Please refer to attach for more details,

Thank a lot