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Correct way to check in local copy of Android source using git

Question asked by Bill Butler on Feb 24, 2016



Mx6 - Kontron Board &

Mx6  SabreLite / Nitrogen6x Board

Screen: Hdmi


Boundary Devices based on  boundary-kk4.4.2_1.0.0-ga / kk-nitrogen6x-20141007.img.gz



When I started working with Android for the IMX6 I did the following.


1) Downloaded the tar blob boundary-kk4.4.2_1.0.0-ga / kk-nitrogen6x-20141007.img.gz2

2) build it

3) modify


Then  I started to modify the project for  my needs.  I created a new repo (git init, git add <files to change>, git checking.. ) in root

However I never ADDED ALL the Android files.. Only the ones I changed..


Now I would like to put the Entire 26G under git..


However I discovered that the android source directory structure is really 100's of git repo under the root. and 100's of .gitignore files.. So when I did a

git add -A

at the root it only added about 1G worth of files.(basically my kernel_imx ). There is a HUGE .gitignore files in root that ignores almost all the android files and directories


So my choices, I've come up with:


1) Delete all the .git repos in subdirectories and modify .gitignore file(s) and do a "git add -A".

Disadvantages here is

- dismantles all the built in Android repos.. (not sure how to use though or important)

- not sure how slow git will be with 26G( Millions of files) under git.


2) figure out how to use the existing git / repo structure.


From browsing around it appears that the "typical " android methodology is to use git/repo to Download Android source but not to "push it" back..


Is there some "best practices" and "how to" checking and manage this large project that someone could point me to? Has someone checked in the entire project locally?