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kernel_data->CONFIG2 = MQX_CNFG2

Question asked by Louie Moye on Feb 24, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2016 by Louie Moye

Any idea why this line of code: "kernel_data->CONFIG2 = MQX_CNFG" causes an exception when executed? 


Stack trace:

4 _mqx_init_kernel_data_internal() mqx.c:930 0x00002e62
3 _mqx() mqx.c:212 0x00002b0e
2 main() mqx_main.c:48 0x0001ba5c
1 __thumb_startup() __arm_start.c:279 0x00019eb8


I'm using CW10.6, MQX 4.1, K70 processor.  I have another project running on this MQX BSP without this error, however, I have created two different static libraries and linked them into this project.  I suspect maybe I created errors somehow by linking in the library objects. 


Ideas would be greatly appreciated.