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Question asked by Koorosh Hajiani on Feb 24, 2016

Hello all,

I'm using an example freertos project that for the k64F  series(KSDK1.2) and made some minor changes to it to make it run on the twr-k64f120m board and it runs fine.

I'm trying to implement code that uses queues to communicate between that end I created 4 tasks:


I changed heap_3 to heap_1

However now my code is generating a trap.

As I said I'm kind of new to freertos and I'm certain there are lots of mistake in the code.

My code is trying to creat 4 tasks :

void task_one(task_param_t param);

void task_two(task_param_t param);

void vATask(task_param_t param);

void vADifferentTask(task_param_t param);


The main.c is attached .The vATask is entered and successfully post the value of the variable it is pointing, to the queue however as soon it returns ,I hit a trap of some kind.

I'm using KDS. the disassembly window shows WD_ HANDLER as the trap but the C source window shows the default ISR which basically are the same thing which is just spinning for ever. I believe it is the hard_fault exception.


Koorosh Hajiani

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