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Kinetis Bootloader ROM, Kinetis KL27Z and "blhost.exe"

Question asked by Andre Lemke on Feb 24, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2016 by jeremyzhou



I’m using bootloader ROM of the Kinetis KL27Z to flash my application into the device through “blhost” using command line.


I need to change the “Bootloader Configuration Area (BCA)” and the FTFA_FOPT register to configure the initialization of the microcontroller and disable NMI pin option during the system reset (In my hardware system I don’t have any access to NMI pin). Can I change these configurations using the “blhost” application or I need to set these configurations on my application source code ? (I’m using de KSDK 1.3 with Processor Expert).


Do is available an option where the device enter in the bootloader mode when connected and after a defined time run the application on flash?


I would like to change the Manufacturer and Product strings of “Kinetis Bootloader”. Can I change it using the proper “blhost.exe”, loading a “MyConfig.dat” for example? (I’m using the bootloader in the HID USB mode).


If all the previous questions are possible, how can I configure my main application to don’t overwrite the values of “FTFA_FOPT” register?