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GT202 ENET_initialize failure with MQX 4.2 and KDS

Question asked by Peter Nisbet on Feb 23, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2016 by soledad

Greetings All,


I've been experimenting with the GT202 WiFi module and a FRDM-K22F in IAR and I successfully built several of the demo projects for the platform. I am now interested in moving to Kinetis Design Studio with this platform however there are no example projects for KDS. I've tried creating my own project in KDS using an MQX KDS example project and adding the Atheros Ethernet driver to the BSP. I managed to successfully compile the project and debug the program however when my program reaches ENET_initialize(BSP_DEFAULT_ENET_DEVICE, enet_address, 0, &handle); the debugger doesn't return from this function. When I build and run the same program in IAR using MQX 4.1 the program returns from ENET_initialize just fine.


While integrating the GT202 driver in the MQX 4.2 BSP in KDS I had to make three changes to get the BSP to compile.


1) Commented out BSP_HWTIMER_LPT0_DEFAULT_PSCLK as I was receiving BSP_HWTIMER_LPT0_DEFAULT_PSCLK is undeclared here (not in a function)

found in hwtimer.c ln176


2) Removed the ## in #define A_NETBUF_GET_ELEM(_obj, _e) ((A_NETBUF*)(_obj))->##_e  as I was receiving error pasting "->" and "A_REQ_ADDRESS" does not give a valid preprocessing token.


3) Removed the ## in #define A_NETBUF_SET_ELEM(_obj, _e, _v) ((A_NETBUF*)(_obj))->##_e = (_v)  for the same reason as above.


The above issues were not present in IAR and MQX 4.1 project. I was wondering if there was an incompatibility with the GT202 driver and either MQX 4.2 or KDS? Also I'd like to know if others have had success with getting a GT202 project working in KDS.


Thanks and Best Regards,