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Connected stereo earplugs with NXH2280

Question asked by Thibaut Busschaert on Feb 22, 2016



I am developping connected earplugs in partnership with a university and a laboratory of audiology. We are looking for the best ans smallest chip that enables a wireless connection between our earplugs and a smartphone. We saw in the publication of NXP below that the Dash, Wireless earphones created by Braggi, were developped in collaboration with NXP using the chip NXH2280 and Kinetis K24.


Could you tell me if the chip NXH2280 can be used alone (without Kinetis K24) if we want Stream audio and data from the phone to the earplugs and from the earplugs to the phone?


Furthermore we were wondering if we can benefit from the same kind of partnership to develop our earplugs?


Two persons of contact are mentionned in the publication:

Tate Tran and Jack Taylor


Thanks in advance and regards