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Why don't the example PMIC OTP scripts program the I2C address?

Question asked by Ted Wolfe on Feb 22, 2016
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I was about to program the 'NP' version of the PF0100A PMIC devices using the KITPFGUI v4.0, but noticed that the example programming scripts (such as 'Example_Script(F0-Sample-Manual-ProgramECC).txt') downloaded with the GUI do not program the Extended Page1 OTP I2C ADDR register (address FF) containing the I2C address.  It seems to me that this resister should be programmed during OTP fuse programming, since the PMIC datasheet does not specify a default value for any of the Ext. Page1 registers including OTP I2C ADDR.  If the I2C address is not programmed, what I2C address is used to communicate to the PMIC via the I2C interface?  Why do the example programming scripts not bother to program the OTP I2C ADDR?  Is there some good reason for this, or is it just an oversight?  I noticed that the example given in AN4536 (see pg 4) does program this register with an I2C address value...


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