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LwIP/FreeRTOS with KSDK 2.0

Question asked by Tobias Wellnitz on Feb 21, 2016
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I have been trying for the last two days to integrate LwIP with KDSK 2.0. Unfortunately, with doubtful success. I just want to initialise the stack properly and retrieve an IP address via DHCP.


Whenever a packet is received (e.g. DHCP response from the router), the program gets stuck in one of the configAsserts(), either in xQueueGenericReceive or vPortEnterCritical().

The example project work perfectly and I can upload and debug them with the Segger OpenSDA v2 firmware. I tried to compare the files from the example projects with my own, but I couldn't find the mistake! I KDSK2 documentation is also pretty vage on how to integrate the lwip stack.


Here is the code: GitHub - dh1tw/BasicEthernet-K64F


After downloading the KSDK2.0 for my K64F I created a new (minimal + FreeRTOS) Project in KDS 3.1 using the Kinetis SDK 2.x Project Wizard. 


I copied the lwip stack manually into the project and included the paths:











My Preprocessor symbols are:








and I use the following compiler flags:

-fno-common  -ffreestanding  -fno-builtin  -mapcs



I would very much appreciate any help / feedback.