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MQX 4.0 Vs MQX 4.2 in terms of RTCS

Question asked by Utsavi Kalpesh Bharuchwala on Feb 20, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2016 by Carlos_Musich


I am working with KDS.I am using MQX v4.2

My project is madeup of MQX v4.0.  There are total 17 tasks in my project. One of them is Ethernet Task.


Small Snippet of Ethernet Task is:


       _RTCSPCB_init = 4;

       _RTCSPCB_grow = 2;

       _RTCSPCB_max = 20;//4

       _RTCS_msgpool_init = 4; //4

       _RTCS_msgpool_grow = 2;

       _RTCS_msgpool_max  = 20;

       _RTCS_socket_part_init = 4;

       _RTCS_socket_part_grow = 2;

       _RTCS_socket_part_max  = 20;//4

       _RTCSTASK_stacksize = 4000;



       if (error != RTCS_OK)

            printf("<----RTCS failllled to initialize error: %d\n", error);


            printf("TCPIP Created Successfully \n");


When I debug my project I see that Ethernet_Task is stuck at RTCS_Create() and Program reset.


Even RTCS_Create() is not returning error!!!


In RTCS_Create() , program is stucking at

       RTCS_data_ptr = RTCS_mem_alloc_system_zero(sizeof(RTCS_DATA));

(Debug pointer is not comming below this and programm reset.)


Rest of the tasks are working Ok, except Ethernet_Task.


With the same code when I load the project using CodeWarrior(with MQX v4.0) everything is working perfectly.

I dont understand why it is stucking in RTCS_Create() in KDS. Even on Building project, there is no compiler error I got.


Can you tell me the difference between MQX4.0 and MQX4.2 in terms of RTCS setting?

Which kind of settings I have to do interms to make my Ethernet_Task works?


Note:  In CodeWarrior v10.6 I am using Code warrior (ARM Freescale) compiler and in KDS I am using KDS compiler not GCC.

          So the basic difference for me is CodeWarrior use .lcf file and KDS will use .ld file..Will this create a problem?


          One more thing, as compare to  Codewarrior Compiler (ARM Freescale Compiler ), Size of bsp.a , psp.a, rtcs.a etc is significantly more in               KDS...Will this create problem?




Utsavi Bharuchwala