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Can't identify a character in Asinchronical Communication

Question asked by Juan Ignacio Troisi on Feb 19, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2016 by Kerry Zhou


I am developing using CW development studio and using a KE02 MCU. With PE I created a AS component. I'm just trying to receive a character (sent by a RS232 terminal) using an interrupt, show it in a LCD alphanumeric display and finally the MCU returns that character to the terminal.


The ISR program consists of:

void AS1_OnRxChar(void)


   AS1_TComData ch;                         // TComData type is defined in the AS1.h header file

   //Read received character and send it if no error is detected

   if(AS1_RecvChar(&ch) == ERR_OK)



      lcd_gotoxy(0,0); //going to the position (0,0) of my display






What is happening is that when I send through the terminal a single character, the LCD shows ' ||| ' but the terminal receives correctly the sent character when returning it. However, if I send two characters at a time, the LCD receives just the first one and correctly (and the terminal receives correctly the returned character too).


What is happening? Why cant I identify a single character?


I have checked that  AS1_TComData ch; is just a character and not a pointer to character.


Thank you very much