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How PBL identifies u-boot location in NOR flash from PBI commands?

Question asked by veerendranath jakkam on Feb 18, 2016
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PBL identifies boot medium using config source switches then by default RCW starts at 0x0 of NOR flash.... but in NOR flash memory map u-boot is located in 0xEFF80000.

How PBL knows from where u-boot boot code(4kb code) starts for copying it to boot page?


Below is the RCW+PBI code in NOR flash of P2041RDB....


e8000000: aa55aa55 010e0100 4c580000 00000000  -> RCW preamble

e8000010: 58540000 00000000 648ea0c1 c3c02000

e8000020: de800000 40000000 00000000 00000000

e8000030: 00000000 d0030f07 00000000 00000000

e8000040: 00000000 00000000 091380c0 000009c4 -> PBI commands started at "e800004c"

e8000050: 09000010 00000000 091380c0 000009c4 -> Alternate config space high addr register setup

e8000060: 09000014 00000000 091380c0 000009c4 -> Alternate config space low addr registers setup

e8000070: 09000018 81d00000 091380c0 000009c4 -> Alternate config space attribute register setup

e8000080: 890b0050 00000002 091380c0 000009c4 -> Moving values to alternative config space, But here onwords I couldn't get exact meaning of PBI commands

e8000090: 890b0054 00000002 091380c0 000009c4 -> How PBL setting CPC SRAM as bootpage

e80000a0: 890b0058 00000002 091380c0 000009c4 -> How PBL knows from which location of NOR flash u-boot image should be copied to 4k bootpage space?

e80000b0: 890b005c 00000002 091380c0 000009c4

e80000c0: 890b0090 00000002 091380c0 000009c4

e80000d0: 890b0094 00000002 091380c0 000009c4

e80000e0: 890b0098 00000002 091380c0 000009c4

e80000f0: 890b009c 00000002 091380c0 000009c4

e8000100: 890b0108 00000012 091380c0 000009c4

e8000110: 89021008 0000f000 091380c0 000009c4

e8000120: 89021028 0000f000 091380c0 000009c4

e8000130: 89021048 0000f000 091380c0 000009c4

e8000140: 89021068 0000f000 091380c0 000009c4

e8000150: 09138000 00000000 08138040 d5e599a1 -> PBI command for CRC check


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