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issues with freedom k64 virtual com port example

Question asked by Ryan Lush on Feb 18, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2017 by martir

This is a bit of a hail marry because my issue appears to be on the windows side but it's worth a shot.


I am running the k64 virtual com port example and trying to talk to it with a c# .net app I wrote. It's pretty simple, I just call port.write() from the c# side and I've done this before so it should work. Trouble is I get timeouts on the windows side every time and when I look in the debugger on the Kinetis side I see the code no longer thinks the device is enumerated.


To add one more layer of frustration on top of all of this I am running windows in Parallels on a Mac.


Anyone have any experience with any one piece of this and perhaps be willing to offer some insight?