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NXP Kinetis MK20X256VLH7 (Teensy 3.2 Microcontroller) - Keil RTE_Device.h Issues

Question asked by Julio Enrique Fajardo on Feb 18, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2016 by Julio Enrique Fajardo

Hi, i'm working in Keil with the NXP Kinetis MK20X256VLH7 (Teensy 3.2 microcontroller).

The microprocessor seems to get stuck when i wrote to these registers:


PORTB->PCR[16] = (uint32_t)(PORT_PCR_MUX(0x03));

PORTB->PCR[17] = (uint32_t)(PORT_PCR_MUX(0x03));


The problem seems to be that the pin configuration has to be done on the RTE_Device.h file, however i don't know how to reference them in my project.

By the way, I'm configuring the peripherals from the scratch and YES!!!, I try with Codewarrior and don't have any problem.