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MPC5674F Engine Control ETPU Problem

Question asked by Umit Kayacik on Feb 18, 2016
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I current work on modifying AN4908 and AN4907 Engine control functions. There is a problem that I couldnt find a solution.



- Create just two injection sequence  and update second injection's duration before 1 degree of second injection ( closest to top dead center ).

- I just create IRQ between these two injection and update one of element of second injection.



- Injection sequence is updated successfully but  injections stops one cycle periodicly for one cycle of engine." output image is attached to question"


I followed these steps:

1) I downloaded MPC5674F Engine Control Application AN4908 and AN4907.

2) In host side at "uint32_t fs_etpu_inj_config" function I closed to injection idx statement that helps me to change second injections duration.

  /* Check if the injection pre is not finished yet */

//  injection_idx = *((uint8_t*)cpba + FS_ETPU_INJ_OFFSET_INJECTION_COUNTER);

//  if(injection_idx != 1)

//  {

//    /* An injection sequence is active on this injector */

//    return(FS_ETPU_ERROR_TIMING);

//  }

//  else

//  {


3) In etpu side I just closed to "INJ_ScheduleStartAngle1st" on INJ_UPDATE_HSR because this thread puts injection sequence to start up.

else if(hsr == INJ_HSR_UPDATE)



          // INJ_ScheduleStartAngle1st();



4) In run time application, I just change one of sequence of second injection.


Why injection sequence stops for one cycle periodicly? Could you please help me to solve this?


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