Do I need R&TTE conformity if I ship preinstalled WLAN drivers?

Discussion created by mpfgregory on Feb 18, 2016
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I have a product with an embedded Linux OS. The product is locked, so the customer can't install his own software or drivers. The product sends out data via LAN, but some customers would like to use WLAN instead. This could be done by using a USB WLAN stick. For this to work, I will have to preinstall the firmware for a certain WLAN stick and recommend to the customer to buy this type of WLAN stick. When I told this plan to the engineer at the EMC lab, he said that we might need to consider R&TTE conformity for the combination of our product and the WLAN stick, because by preinstalling the drivers this WLAN stick is considered to be equipment intended to be used with our product. The WLAN stick itself is R&TTE conform. What is your opinion?