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p2041 nandFlash ISSUE

Question asked by yang yang on Feb 18, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2016 by yang yang


     following the p2041 RM,  large page devices: 2048byte main area + 64 bytes spare area.




     MY NAND FLASH MT29F32G08, 

                                       page size:(8192byte+448bytes)

                                       block size: 128pages (1024k+56kbytes)

                                      plane size: 2 planes * 2048blocks per plane

                                      device size: 32Gb:4096blocks

  some questions:

  1) I donot know how to config my page size, which is bigger than the   large page device.

      the FCM buffer RAM 4K cannot cover  my page size.

  2)  how to enable the ECC for the nandFlash?

       eLBC_BR[DECC] ?