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MFGtools questions

Question asked by delauratfrançois on Feb 18, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2016 by Rita Wang


My name is François. Currently I work with imx6dl sabre but for future project I will work with personnal board with an imx7.  I have several questions about mfgtools subject.

  1. Can we use mfgtools to flash our personnal board (u-boot in spi nor and kernel and rootfs in emmc)?
  2. If yes, what  are the files which I have to modify?
  3. In MFGTools Can we modify "ucl2.xml" file ?
  4. If yes, can we modify "ucl2.xml" file to flash u-boot in spi nor and to flash kernel and rootfs in emmc ?
  5. In MFGTools Can we modify "" file ?
  6. if yes, can we modify "" file to add a new partition (currently there are tow partition).
  7. Can we creat a personnal .vbs file to personnal board.


Thanks for All Help.


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