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I use a mpc885 (66Mhz) uart SMC - it turns out that the is performance issues when trying to send data at higher rate.

Question asked by Micah Yardeny on Feb 18, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2016 by alexander.yakovlev

One issue is that on higher data rate the CPU is resetting it self  more the 115200 .. 10000000  it is not depending only on speed but also in amount of bytes sent.


In the  MPC860 manual  it written that SMC (core 25MHz) support 220Kbs  we here want to have it 1MHz  CPU speed of 66MHz.


As I understood from the Manual appendix B. for Serial performance is that the performance is depending on some factors such as SMC internal FIFO (2 bytes) and if the CPM is busy with other jobs.


1. Question is if we intend to use the SMC is that realistic to expect continuos communication of 1 Mb FD (one mega bit) at all.

2. Is that crashing of the CPU could happen because of CPM overloading ?

3. Is there any microcode patch that can fix this.