Kalpesh Pandit

Using Paged RAM in XDP512

Discussion created by Kalpesh Pandit on Feb 19, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2008 by CrasyCat
Can we use Global variables and structures declarations in Paged RAM?
If yes, how can we use it? (Whether with #pragma derivative)

In linker file it is stated as
/* paged RAM:                       0x1000 TO   0x1FFF; addressed through RPAGE */
      RAM_F8        = READ_WRITE  0xF81000 TO 0xF81FFF;
      RAM_F9        = READ_WRITE  0xF91000 TO 0xF91FFF;
      RAM_FA        = READ_WRITE  0xFA1000 TO 0xFA1FFF;
      RAM_FB        = READ_WRITE  0xFB1000 TO 0xFB1FFF;
      RAM_FC        = READ_WRITE  0xFC1000 TO 0xFC1FFF;
      RAM_FD        = READ_WRITE  0xFD1000 TO 0xFD1FFF;

MYDATA INTO RAM_FD;  //this is our modification

in variable.c file we are specifying Data seg as

Is this the right syntax and method or should we use something else?