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I am not able to open "Software Licensing and Support" page to generate the license file

Question asked by India IT on Feb 18, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2016 by India IT

Hi Gorge,


I am starting separate discussion for the same issue as I am not able to reply to your earlier message. When I press ACTIONS tab to reply your earlier message, it is not showing any error but simultaneously no new page will appear for reply. Screen shot is attached for your information.


Regarding the initial issue (as per the subject line), when I am pressing the "Software Licensing and Support" tab, it just try to switch to new page (approaching link is pasted below) but finally it will land on same home page.…


Normally any clicks on this portal will not showing any error messages so it bit difficult for me to convey the same. Can I get your contact number or email ID for further level evaluation?



Ranjith Hegde

AMETEK India (Bangalore)