Brian Hindenburg

CW for Linux v. 5.9, 5329EVB, no Linux Stationery Wizard

Discussion created by Brian Hindenburg on Feb 18, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2008 by CrasyCat
I'm attempting to evaluate CodeWarrior DS v. 5.9, Linux-hosted, for an MCF5329EVB target.  I bring up the IDE without a problem, and I proceed to File->New...  From there, according to the included documentation, I should be able to select an option, "Linux Stationery Wizard."  My version is giving me only two choices, "Empty Project" or "External Build Wizard."

Can anyone provide insight as to why I'm not seeing the LSW as an option?  I'm seriously hoping this has nothing to do with the CW being an eval version...I need all the wizard-help I can get with evaluating CW and embedded Linux as any sort of potential solution, and when the supplied documentation starts me out by telling me to use the LSW to create a new project, and I can't...that kinda puts a damper on things. 

Any comments would be appreciated; thanks.