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iMX6 vpuenc keyframe distortion

Question asked by edison.fernandez on Feb 18, 2016
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I'm trying to encode a video to H264 using the iMX6 vpu encoder and I noticed a distortion every time an IDR frame arrives, you can see the distortion as a blur in the image mainly in areas of high detail. I was able to reproduce the issue using both the gstreamer plugins and the mxc-vpu-test.


Attached is a couple of videos, one is generated with the mxc-vpu-test using this command:


mxc-vpu-test -E "-f 2 -c 1000 -w 1920 -h 1080 -b 5000 -g 30 -x 1 -o /video_test.264"


The test by default doesn't generate IDR frames, but I modified it to generate them as follows:


if(frame_id % enc->cmdl->gop == 0) enc_param.forceIPicture = 1;

else enc_param.forceIPicture = 0;


The other one is using gstreamer configured to generate the same bitrate and as you can see, the blur appears every second.

I also attached a video with no IDR frames (and using a GOP of 30) and as you can see there is no distortion.


The problem is that I need IDR frames in my stream and increasing the bitrate seems to improve the quality but the problem is still there.


Is there a way to improve/eliminate this distortion?

Is this the expected behaviour for the baseline profile? I'm asking this because I saw a similar behaviour in a stream generated by a TI SoC configured the same way.


The videos were generated using kernel 3.0.35 and this firmware version:


VPU firmware version: 2.3.10_r40778

VPU library version: 5.4.19


but I've also seen the problem in newer versions.


Thanks for your help,