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K64 + KSDK2.0 + IRQn_Type

Question asked by manfredschnell on Feb 17, 2016
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we use K64 + KSDK2.0 + FreeRTOS with IAR Workbench.


Why are some of the Arrays with type "IRQn_Type" in different modules of KSDK2.0 defined as "static"?

So they are module-local. I have to define the same array in my code again...

In combination with Free-RTOS I need to set an appropriate IRQ-Level to each IRQ.


I think the IRQ-Arrays of every hardware-module should be defined as "const" not be defined as "static const".

example      fsl_sai.c:

static const IRQn_Type s_saiTxIRQ[] = I2S_TX_IRQS;

should be:

const IRQn_Type s_saiTxIRQ[] = I2S_TX_IRQS;


Please Review your code according to this.


Best regards.